Selected customer comments about their experience with dan@shmickcomputer:

· "Dan was proficient and friendly and was able to assist with every question that I had. It was a pleasure to see there was no over-servicing."

· "Always punctual, fix and explain what you need to know, and then give extra help."

· "Patient, persistent, thorough, very skilled technician. "

· "Thank you Dan for your expertise and getting this baby-boomer back into the cyber-world. :-)"

· "Dan is patient, professional, helpful and know his trade well. It took him under an hour to retrieve my lost data. A professional job well done! "

· "Dan explained everything in terms that I could understand. He was patient and answered all of my questions calmly. I would never have been able to work out all of the issues if I was on my own. Dan had a great knowledge regarding all of the issues relevant to me"