Home Computer Support

Coming to YOU - Inner East Melbourne (Victoria)

For help, support, service, repair or to discuss computer or network related issues please send an email and request a call back within 24 h or less.

Shmick Home Computer Support offers reasonable hourly rates with almost ten years of experience in helping home and home-based small business users in Melbourne Inner East with a range of computing, networking and associated issues.

Shmick specialises in support for Microsoft Office and Outlook users. Also providing support and instructions relating to e-mail and Internet problems, for example:

  • Is your wi-fi weak and drops out?
  • Can't get your Smart TV to connect to the Internet?
  • Your e-mail does not come through, or Outlook comes up with error messages?
  • Your Internet browser does not show the correct page and sites do not load?
  • Windows can't boot, update, blue-screening, or stuck in a repair loop?

Shmick also helps with:

  • Printing issues, connecting wireless printers and scanners
  • Backing up and data recovery
  • Security issues - has your computer been hijacked? Cleaning virus and malware